Guaranteed Secure Payments on Every Order
Your payment information is provided directly to Reiko Wireless. Reiko Wireless uses leading data encryption and bank-level security to ensure your payment details are safe, protected, and out of harm's way from intruders. Your payment is not released from the bank until your invoice successful creates of your order.

Return if your item is not delivered or as described
Buyers can open a "Return Request" with a seller 60 days after the order has been dispatched. Your sales rep will contact you within 24 hours. Reiko will offer a full credit in the event of the following outcome(s):
- You never received your item(s).
- You package has arrived damaged.
- You receive item(s) that are significantly damaged when you receive.
For more information regarding our "Return Policy", please click here.

Buyer Protection after order confirmation
If your order is confirmed and the payment has been charger from Reiko Wireless, and you have still not received the item(s) with normal deliver schedule or have problems with the item(s) you received. You can use different way to reach sales rep, customer service, and department manager to report this issue. However, special items such as Memory card, Screen protect. Some of electronic items and items that have been used or damaged cannot be returned.


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